Dusturbing The Peace




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


For many years now I've been the style guinea pig for our friend Dust. She tries design ideas out on me and we are constantly sharing ideas and thoughts on fashion. 

Earlier in the year she created her signature Dusturbance coat for me but with an important amendment - a detachable hooded cape. Dusturbance 2.0, if you will. To compliment the coat she also created a huge pair of checked cargo trousers for me. Trousers can never been too wide and when they come with huge side pockets, I'm clearly winning at pants.


Coat & trousers, Dusturbance // Hat, Etsy // Bag, ASOS // Shirt, Marquis' Almeida // Trainers, Lonsdale // Belt, Zara



A very oversized silhouette isn't for everyone but I personally have never been one to shy away from anything normally considered 'unflattering'. In fact, hiding under swathes of fabric is comforting and reassuring and makes you feel rather small, like a mouse inside a coat pocket.

Dust is working at potentially opening a shop and this coat will be one of the items you'll be able to purchase. Form a queue please.



Dust is available for commissions. If you'd like chat to her about her creating something magical for you, drop her an email at dusturbance@gmail.com and let her know you saw it on KOS so she knows you're nice.