Studio Style





I've been sharing my ballet studio style on Instagram lately, mostly because it's not very easy to share ballet videos since recording in our long, narrow studio is pretty impossible because there isn't enough focal length between me and the camera to fit me all in. So this is the next best thing.

For me, clothing is armour. It's what gives me confidence to get out and face the day no matter how I feel inside, and what I wear in the ballet studio serves the same purpose. If I feel confident then I'm less likely to focus on jiggly boobs, wobbly thighs or a puffy tummy. There is nothing worse than trying to dance that complex allegro and your leotard is too low and threatening to pop a boob out!

I like to express myself in the studio with lots of colour and print - just as I do with daywear. Long skirts are left long or rolled up, legwarmers are rolled up or sometimes one is removed if I need to see my line leg more clearly, t-shirts are added for warmth or just for those day when you feel a bit podgy. Everything has a reason. The colours and print? That's just for fun.

Are you a dancer? What's your studio style?