Abstract Expressionism



Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I'm really into prints again, in a big way. I lost my print mojo for a while there as everything started to feel too girly, too 'nice'. Even in my most feminine of outfits I still like there to be a fairly masculine, dressed down element in there too but I found I wasn't getting that into my print based outfits. As someone who spends half her life in a leather cut-off and tight black jeans, I am not entirely comfortable looking mega, mega girly. So I've been counterbalancing these kinds of outfits with basic trainers. It makes everything feel much more laid back.

My Thakoon skate shoes, with their various sized eyelets, provided the impetus to finally wear my DIY corset belt in an outfit. It sat in the wardrobe patiently waiting for it's debut since I made it a few months ago and finally it's day came. When the eyelets on your shoes match your belt, it's fashion serendipity.



Coat, Tara Jarmon // Dress, ASOS WHITE // Top, H&M // Shoes, Thakoon // Belt, DIY



Don't get me wrong, if a badass pair of heels came along that rocked my world I'd ditch the trainers in a heartbeat, but there hasn't been anything so far. That's not to say I don't keep my eye out, because I do, but for now I'm happy in a pair of fairly basic kicks.