The Worm That Turned

personal style.jpg


Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


When I stepped out last week in this cute ensemble, the first words out of Prince B's gob were "You look like the Two Ronnies". With a raised eyebrow I replied, "dude, you better be talking about The Worm That Turned". Thank fully he was. Most of you won't be familiar with the Two Ronnies sketch but I could see where Prince B was coming from. Personally, I liken this look more to something a goth Cheryl in Clueless would wear.

Of all the adjectives you could use to describe me, cute probably isn't one of them but this outfit is most certainly verging into cute territory, even with the PVC and corseted harness. The dress actually used to be knee length but it was just too demure for me so I lobbed a few inches off. Sadly now it looks like a kid's dress as it's become really poufy. I was hoping the slightly subversive hardware would bring it back in line but it hasn't quite worked.


The Details

Deandri dress and harness / Black Milk leggings / Isabel Marant boots