Instagram Outfits #4

leila shams.jpg



Well I decided to do two outfits posts this week. Why the hell not. 

These are outfits from the last month or so on Instagram, and you should know that from now on in you'll mostly be seeing me with some kind of hat on my head because it's bloody freezing. I'm not complaining because I adore wearing them. 

I must reiterate that every outfit you see on here, whether it's properly photographed in a nice location or 'no frills' backdrops, like this, everything you see is what I genuinely wear. Sunday/Monday outfits aren't just for show, they are what I'm actually wearing and after we've shot them I head out to run errands and go about my day. These Everyday Style outfits are like this because Prince B works and we can only shoot together at the weekends, so the rest of time it's self timer, out the back garden. Fancy. But of course I'm not layered up every single day since mid-week I am just working at home, therefore outfits tend to be much simpler. Monday's outfit was just a simple one and you didn't care for it much it seems, but that's the reality of dressing for winter sadly.

I am still locked into a stylistically darker phase too, but there will be some colour on the horizon which will come in the form an awesome pair of velvet trousers Dust and I have designed for me. I can't wait to get them and share them on here. Until then it's business as usual.