Bro, Are You Even Russian?




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


My first outfit post of 2017 and I'm starting as I mean to go on - more is more! I adore unique and creative styling and if I have to see one more blogger with the front of their big jumper tucked into their jeans/leather trousers...

But if the proliferation of sameness and cookie cutter commercialism has done anything, it's been to harden my resolve to always offer you an alternative style viewpoint. At the very least in this little corner of the internet you'll find that we are not scared to take style risks and experiment. You might not love every look but it'll never be dull.

So I start the year big. I told you how obsessed I was with jacquard and I wasn't lying. Last week I dug out several of my jacquard pieces and basically piled it on. Lots of print, metallic threads and a general plushness that only jacquard can project. If you miss the shimmer of Christmas tinsel and wrapping paper then consider this the outfit equivalent.



This kind of outfit brings me so much joy. It's so bold and colourful but most of all it's fun. When I look at this cacophony of print I just feel happy. 

Oh yeah and it's topped with my favourite big hat for keeping me super warm. Every time I wear it someone always asks me if I'm Russian. Every. Single. Time. In fact, the other day a guy actually ran down the street after me to ask if I was Russian. Although on the day of this particular shoot an old man came over and asked me if I was "intae aw they bands". What bands he was referring to is anyone's guess! 


The Details


Jacket: M&S / Trousers: River Island / Top: H&M / Shoes: Marni / Bag: ASOS / Hat: Vintage





Since we were photographing Paisley pattern it was only right that we headed to Paisley to shoot the outfit, so Prince B and I went to the beautiful Paisley Abbey. There has been a church on these grounds since the 6th Century but the current building dates mostly from the 19th Century, after the medieval Abbey was destroyed by fire in 1307.

Should you ever find yourself in Paisley I recommend you give the Abbey a visit. And if you find yourself being asked if you're "intae aw they bands", just say yes.