The Wild Things Roared Their Terrible Roars




Photography: Prince B / Styling and Art Direction; Queen Michelle


It was time to share the latest Blogitorial with you guys.

I'm sure after last one you've pretty much realised that the purpose of a Blogitorial is for me to have fun styling clothes in a way I wouldn't necessarily wear in real life and to create a shoot that's a little more conceptual than basic street style. This particular Blogitorial is inspired by the ancient Clans of Scotland. 

With Burns Night happening this week I also felt it was the ideal opportunity to share my latest acquisition -  a tartan dress I commissioned

my chum Dust to create for me.

I've wanted a dramatic tartan dress for ages so I sent her some fabric, some ideas and this is what she created for me. We have some tweaks to make to it so it's perfect, but for wandering around the mountains it fits in beautifully with this natural and wild, rural landscape.

I realise a tartan dress won't be to the taste of most of you, but hopefully you'll enjoy the styling and photoshoot none the less.

Just resist the temptation to shout FREEDOM!




Whilst I'm a city gal through and through, the older I get the more I long for escapes into the wilderness. The vastness of the mountains and the untamed terrain makes you feel small and insignificant.

I must admit it felt really good wearing tartan and trekking around the rural Scottish landscape. I actually felt quite connected to my heritage as a Scottish person.


The best thing about wearing a very traditional looking Scottish dress here is that no-one bats an eyelid. Kilts are everyday wear in rural Scotland as they are functional garments designed to keep the wind and rain out, and not just for weddings and ceilidhs. With this dress however, I am definitely ceilidh ready.