Slouchy Sequins




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


You know Queen Marie and I are all about dressing down fancy shit. Sequins and wellie boots? Don't mind if I do. I've never worn evening clothes in the actual evening. I simply don't believe that certain clothes should only be worn at certain times of the day and if you're subscribing to this tired old concept you need to change that asap because you're missing out on a whole lot of fashion fun. 

This post is partly inspired by Dust, who was swithering on whether or not to buy this sequinned skirt. She figured there wouldn't be any time she'd ever wear a sequinned skirt and I tried to convince her to dress that sucker down and wear it to the shops. In the end she didn't buy it, but I'm hoping after this post she'll get herself back to H&M and get the shiny skirt.

it does take confidence to wear sequins during the day but if you dig deep and find it, you'll never look back. The easiest way to dress down pretty much anything is pair it with trainers.  I also think bomber jackets, even fancy ones like this, work brilliantly to make a high octane item look slouchy.



The Details


ASOS Premium bomber Jacket; H&M skirt; Topshop fur scarf: ASOS clutch; Nike trainers