Throwing Shapes




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


What is this? A rare second weekly outfit? Whaaaat? Don't get used it, I just caught Prince B in a particularly generous mood when he was happy-ish to shoot two outfits in one week.

I try hard never to be plain. There is enough basic in the blogosphere without me adding to it. Even when I don't wear colour or print I still like my outfits to have some kind of aspect to them that keeps them visually interesting. In the case of this outfit it's draping.

The whole outfit was led by this Lanvin x H&M skirt I scooped from the lovely Miss West End Girl in the Scottish Blogger Shop. It was too big for me to wear as a skirt but absolutely perfect to wear as a top. I paired it with my DIY shirt and very old All Saints skirt which has the best draping ever. What this outfit lacks in colour it makes up for in volume.





My much beloved Le Tour De Force headpiece, which you've seen a zillion times, tops the look and the bottom is half is completed with some seriously spotty socks and my Miista Priyanka shoes.