Reuse. Reinvent. Reassemble.


Respect nothing, destroy everything


Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


When it comes to cutting up clothes and re-inventing them my way I have no fear. Dust always says "respect nothing" - ie not matter what the item is don't be scared to take a pair of scissors to it if you think you can make it better.

Half of this entire outfit has involved me cutting, slicing and reassembling the fabric into something that works better for me. You've all seen the DIY jacket before. It began life as a perfectly pedestrian trench coat until it met my scissors, and this MaxMara skirt used to be a dress. Prince B bought it for me many years ago but it'd long since stopped fitting me, then I had an epiphany and decided it'd work perfectly as a skirt. So out came he scissors once more, breathing life into something that was gathering dust in my wardrobe.






The Details

DIY Jacket; MaxMara skirt; Isabel Marant boots; ASOS shirt; Quay sunglasses; Danielle Foster bag 


This Danielle Foster bag is one of my favourite little bags. All the hardware on it makes it weigh a ton, but sometimes you need to sacrifice your back for fashion. Am I right?