little cup of mystery...

Let's start Tuesday with two statements -

1. I want this Raewyn Walsh silver cup necklace so much, my heart hurts

2. I have no idea whatsoever how to buy one!

It's very very strange in these days of digital overload to not be able to find information on someone or something.

Raewyn seems to be one of these rare creatures. I know she works in Aukland but I can't find a website, Facebook, blog or a gallery that sells her work. I can find lots of articles that feature her projects but no place to actually buy things. Raewyn graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor of Design (Honours) in 2009 and has work held in the collections of The James Wallace Arts Trust and Tairawhiti Museum, Gisborne. Raewyn was also the 2011 prize winner of the Objective Art Awards. 

Talking about her wonderful work she says- The jewellery I make investigates the attachments we have to physical things. I am interested in the ideas that surround the collection, possession, ownership and function, and the subsequent associations these themes have with time and memory. 
I like to use traditional jewellery making and silversmithing techniques such as raising, chasing and repousse and, in doing so, aim to retain the craft memory in a contemporary context. I use the vessel as a reference point because it represents both form and formlessness. 
Recently I have focused on the silver tea service which is already loaded with ancestral history and familial belonging. This body of work, Lineage, I have set my sights on the vessel accoutrements: those parts that are added on but which also define the use and function of the vessel. Here the teapot spout is recast as a brooch and spoon handles become pendants that are long enough to be held. 

So if you fall in love with her work as hard as I did. I apologise for sharing it with you. No one wants an itch they can't scratch...

Queen Marie