London Calling





Times have been a bit tough for Prince B and I lately, since Prince B lost his job. However, he decided we really needed something to look forward to, so threw caution to the wind and booked a surprise trip to London for us in September. He knew I desperately wanted fitted for new pointe shoes and really couldn't do that anywhere other than London since all the shoe brands are located there, so went ahead and booked it whilst I was asleep. Not only that, he booked it during London Fashion Week so I can do fashion related stuff too if I felt like it! He's definitely a keeper.

It's been so long since I've been in London that I'm entirely out of touch with places to shop. So I'm calling on all you guys who live in London or visit there, to recommend some cool places for us to go. Fashion boutiques and shops, vintage places, anywhere I might scoop something awesome. Ideally I'm looking to find independent labels but I'm open to any recommendations at all. I'll be armed with my takings from The Scottish Blogger Shop so have some money to buy something awesome.

Hope there are some Londoners who read the blog who can help!