The Moon Has Now Eclipsed The Sun




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Some garments exist just to be beautiful and that is enough. But there are times when something exists to be beautiful and useful, and that is better.

The summer has gone, leaving us with snippets of memories of what sunshine looked like and what the heat feels like as it rests upon your face. However, whilst occasions for bare and legs grow fewer, the opportunities to bring out your warmer, more layerable autumn and winter pieces become greater. This vest by Ukrainian designer Celestial Body, is both magnificent in it's structure and it's usefulness as it proves the perfect nearly autumn wardrobe companion.



And indeed it's those Miista shoes again. They match everything, even things that make you look like you belong on the facade of a modern building.

On colder days this vest layers perfectly over my All Saints leather jacket, and even works with bare arms, for those times when perhaps you are neither hot nor cold.

Of course, I have since concluded that what I really need in my life is a longer version. Never happy.

The Details

Celestial Body vest; ASOS shirt; Vintage tulle skirt; H&M trousers; Miista shoes; House of Holland glasses