Butterfly Effect




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I'd never go as far as to say my wardrobe is small, because it's not, but the amount of those things I love has vastly diminished. The things I have loved the most have all since become much too small for me and never really been replaced with equally loved items. 

When I was looking to shoot an outfit for today, I had decided I wanted to revisit some old pieces and see if I could style them in a new way. My first choice was a black denim dress Dust had made for me way back in 2010. Sadly, I couldn't even it get over my arse. Dismayed, I took to my second choice, which is a breathtakingly beautiful Topshop Unique dress from the first ever Unique collection. I rarely wore it as I was keeping it 'special'. I put it on and couldn't even get that sucker zipped up. So much for keeping it 'special'. All I've done is deny myself the opportunity to actually wear it.

My third choice was my Complex Geometries smock top. I don't bring this out very often as it's made from the finest silk chiffon and pulls very easily, but with some seriously confusing weather I decided it was perfect to wear over my jeans.



The Details

Complex Geometries dress; All Saints jeans; Vintage black slip dress; Zara shoes; Quay sunglasses; Issey Miyake bag; Norwegian Wood necklace


Whenever there are roses and flowers around I have to photograph them, so as I got in about the rose bushes to take my photos, the dress got pulled. Damn it!

It wasn't all bad, my new Zara slides are so amazing they did't give me a single blister, even worn with my bare feet.