A Little Off


the details

Sister Jane top; Front Row skirt; Unknown shoes; Angel Jackson bag; Triwa sunglasses


As well as an undying love for ruffles I also love strange or off colour combinations. This definitely comes from being a Graphic Designer, as I am continually trying to get clients to move away from boring, obvious colour choices and experiment a little.

This little frilly Sister Jane tops is one of my favourite things and the bubblegum pink is ripe for pairing with my forest green skirt and pale blue bag.


The weather here hasn't been the best these last few weeks, feeling like autumn more than anything and when it's reasonably OK in terms of temperature, it's insanely windy, hence being forced into the relative shelter of my back garden to shoot my outfit this week. Lots of long hair, a fringe and wind do not make good bedfellows!

However, the weather does allow the wearing of a wool skirt without wanting to die. I normally intensely dislike knee length skirts but the colour of this one made me make an exception. As long as it's worn with suitably chunky high shoes, it doesn't feel as dull.