cyber dandy...

It's very peculiar, this is my second post about things to wear on your bike in as many weeks. Needless to say I am not one inch closer to bringing my bike down from upstairs and getting my lazy arse on that saddle. 

Today we are taking a wee look at the work of mature Design student Donna King who has created what she calls a "CyberDandy" cycling range – think Gary Fisher ( the creator of the mountain bike) but for women. Donna, a student on the Performance Sportswear Design course at Falmouth University is showcasing her Graduate Exhibition until Friday, from  10am - 4pm if you actually happened to be cycling past!

Her collection is an update of the tweed-heavy bicycle-specific clothing for women popular in the 1880s and 1890s when cycling helped in the emancipation of women.

She describes the collection as "eccentric Victorian cycle-wear, specifically designed for vintage cycling events, with functionality at heart, whilst keeping traditional silhouettes and fabrics. The skirts are convertible for movement whilst riding. A reversible waistcoat is elasticated for freedom of movement and has side hidden pockets. Plus fours and trousers have built-in chamois pad shorts.

While the collection is styled on 19th Century designs it uses contemporary sportswear finishings throughout, and use a combination of tweed and heavyweight  Lycra.
King said: "I also made some accessories, including a helmet cover that resembles a baker-boy peak cap, with a covered button in the centre. 

"I describe the Cyber-Dandy range as the Future of Vintage," 

I'm betting come winter, Queen Michelle could find a place in her wardrobe for Harris tweed plus fours, bike or no bike!!!


Queen Marie