Strapped Up & Wrapped Up




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


The blogosphere is 99% made up of bloggers who look pulled together or chic, with items like a Breton tee, pair of jeans and nice heels et al being fundamental to their look. Nothing scary, challenging or different. That's not a bad thing, it's just not my thing. Of course not every blogger wants to experiment or challenge standards, however I am utterly committed to those things, but in reality it's probably cost me readers and interactions since the non-mainstream, by it's very nature, means fewer.

But even though my style isn't everyone's cup of tea, even I feel the need to 'do' basic every once in a while. But basic for me isn't a Breton tee and jeans. God no! Basic for me nearly always means monochrome but with enough to details to still make it an interesting shape or silhouette. I may dispense with layering and I definitely dispense with colour and pattern but I don't want basic to mean boring.



I still try and inject some interesting thread or concept within my outfit which, in this case, is bondage.

This is skirt is from the SS07 Future Classics collection, which was one of my favourite labels. I bought several pieces from the collection, which I still wear and love today. Sadly the label finished in 2014. However, this bondage skirt looks as relevant now as it did nearly 10 years ago. My Deandri harness and Balenciaga bag add the extra little S&M inspired details for my own take on basic.

The Details

Future Classic skirts; All Saints t-shirt: Deandri harness: Balenciaga bag; Rayban sunglasses; Jeffrey Campbell shoes