Stop And Smell The Roses


The Details

Zara trousers; All Saints t-shirt; ASOS top; Nike trainers; Nelly belt; Le Specs sunglasses


At the weekend Prince B took me a walk to a new park I hadn't been to before. It was my first proper outing since my tonsillitis. Until then, every intake of outside air made my throat feel like it had a thousand little razor cuts covering it, so much so I just couldn't venture outside at all, even if I could ignore the pain enough to want to go outside.

So, a lovely walk to literally smell the roses was in order.

I've not been thinking about outfits lately, as you can imagine, so my first outfit shoot was never going to be very exciting. Made up of items you've seen dozens of times before, this is built for the not-quite-hot-not-quite-cold weather we got at the weekend, which came after a week of actual summer heat. Wool trousers are fine when the arms are bare. That kind of weather.

Plus, when you're enjoying the beautiful flowers which surround you, who cares about what you're wearing.