Say Hello To Cowboy Matador


Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


There really hasn't been any colour in my outfits for a couple of weeks now, as you might have noticed. I'm pretty tired of everything I own at the moment, but that's probably because of my forcibly imposed shopping ban, and the things I do happen to be wearing are all my monochrome pieces, with exception to some bright accessories, such as my bright orange Catherine Aitken Hepburn bag.

When I'm forced to look long and hard into my wardrobe to find shit to wear, it constantly involves finding new ways to wear old favourites. This full length pleated skirt is a summer constant, since I hate baring my legs. In this instance, whilst you can't see it, it's actually worn over another full length skirt as both skirts are fairly sheer but layered together they make a perfectly wearable, non-summer solid skirt. I was also rather surprised to find I had no less than 6 floor sweeping skirts. Oopsie.

I dubbed this look the Cowboy Matador.

I think that pretty much sums it up really.


The Details

ASOS pleated skirt; ASOS sheer skirt (worn underneath); Topshop shirt; ASOS White top; Topshop boots; Western Supplies hat and bolo tie; Lovestrength belt; WildChild earrings;



I couldn't help but have a little chuckle to myself when I decided I wanted to create a look that crossed Western detailing with Spanish flare because I actually had everything in my wardrobe to make that happen, even the cheesy bolo tie. You're not a true metal gal unless you own at least one bolo tie.