PowerPuff Girl


Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle

As Queen Marie will you tell, my life motto is "if you're in, you're in", which means don't do anything in half measures - if something is worth doing, it's worth pouring your heart and soul into it.

When I first saw this Sister Jane gingham dress with it's massively oversized sleeves, even I questioned if it was a bridge too far. But I put it on and Prince B assured me this dress was as awesome as I suspected it would be, big sleeves and all.

I like your sleeves, they're real big and if you're going to go big, go real, damn big.


The Details

Sister Jane dress; Angel Jackson bag; Laurence Decade shoes; LL Millinery hat


This is the dress equivalent of Little House On The Prairie on steroids, topped with massive line of coke.  That's a good thing. Will I get laughed at in the street when I take this baby out for it's first walk? Most likely, but I'm used to that.  In fact, when ordinary people laugh, that's when I know I got it right.