All That Shines




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


There's really not too much to report on the personal style front from me to be honest. Last week was a crazy, mixed up week weather-wise with snow in amongst the rain and occasionally bouts of sunshine so it's proving hard to dress for. I find in instances like that the best route is nearly always layered leather, or layered leather and suede in my case. Like last week's outfit, this week's does just that.

Other than that, I have nothing new or exciting to show you, so you've most of the items in this outfit you've seen pretty much a millions times. 





The Details

Absence of Colour suede waiscoat; ASOS playsuit; Nasty Gal shirt; Lovestrength belt; The Lair bag; Isabel Marant boots; Quay sunglasses


Again, like last week, this is another 'everyday' outfit as this playsuit is the comfiest thing ever and warm enough to allow me to just wear a shirt with my extra later of suede in the shape of my AOC biker cut-off.