When The Sun Shines



Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle

My outfits , now that I work primarily from home, have been fairly simple and I'm guessing not entirely inspirational for you guys. I have half a clothes rail full of black dresses with white collars, which is actually what I wear most of the time. It's pointless pulling together more complex outfits when my day consists of sitting at my computer at 7.30am and not moving for the next 9 or 10 hours.  And even then, I usually don't get out of my PJs!

The outfits you see on the blog are the things I actually wear. Sure, sometimes they are boring but sometimes I pull together more interesting outfits when I'm running errands or going to a meeting. The rest of the time the stuff I wear is because I'm just at home designing websites and drinking copious amounts of tea and nothing much else. 


However, when I do feel inspired to pull out something a bit more exciting, it's usually when the sun is shining and I've got those happy spring feels. The weekend was one such instance. The sun was shining and for the first time it felt like proper spring and I felt compelled to dig out my House of Holland top and skirt set. I love this so much but I always felt the skirt was a little too short and tight to wear on its own, so whenever I wear it as a complete set, I always have to find ways to incorporate the skirt without showing my arse.


The Details


House of Holland skirt and top; Sheer dress and shirt - birthday gifts from Queen Marie; Underground England shoes; Rhodesian of Edinburgh bag; Le Specs sunglasses; Etsy neckpiece (can't remember the designer); ASOS flower hairclips


To make the skirt more wearable, I decided to wear it under a long sheer layer and pair that with a sheer shirt underneath too. I love how the sun shines through the diaphanous layers.

And that little yellow guy is exactly how I look and feel after a night out, and given these photos were taken the day after a night filled with more than a few J├Ągerbombs, I'd suggest he's a fitting accompaniment.