Countess Báthory Lives




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I frequently gets asked why, at almost 43, I look so young. I often joke that, like Countess Elizabeth Báthory, I bathe in the blood of virgins, until someone reminds me I live in Glasgow and virgins are far too hard to come by for that to be a viable life choice.

So whilst I might not be bathing in the blood of virgin servant girls to keep me looking young, I do love this blood red velvet Killstar 'Báthory' dress. It was cheap and cheerful but it works perfectly worn as a top under my American Apparel pleated skirt and is the perfect shade of red. I had been searching for a red velvet top with contrasting white collar and cuffs, until it dawned on me I'd look like Santa's old lady so the black collars and cuffs are much better as it turns out. With a name like Báthory I really should have shot this at a ruined castle, but a decayed old Victorian building was close enough. I also happen to be reading a book about the blood countess. This dress clearly had my name all over it.

I shot this simple but pulled together outfit during the much needed Easter break. I knew I loved this cape, but I never imagined I'd get quite as much wear from it as I do. 

The Details

KIllstar dress; Cocoon Luxury Wear cape; American Apparel pleated skirt; Self Portrait sunglasses; Isabel Marant boots; Brenda MacLeod bag: ASOS neckbow






If you're a blogger who happens to have a blunt fringe and/or long hair you'll know your biggest enemy to your photos is the wind. That shit can ruin a decent hairdo in split seconds! Oh well, thank heavens for beanies although Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed would never approve...