I Want To Believe


Alien Lifeform


Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


How many black dresses with white collars can one girl own, I hear you ask. The answer is a lot. In terms of a look I find it really suits me, well in my opinion anyway. I guess perhaps I identify with Wednesday Addams even more than I realise!

Of all my versions of the black/contrast collar dress, this Disturbia one is by far my favourite though, since it's velvet and has alien head buttons. I mean seriously, Grays for buttons.

When there is a weird or slightly odd aspect to my outfit, I tend to play it up and wear other items to compliment it, so when you have alien heads on your frock, then the quite obvious thing to do is to pair it with your best utilitarian harness and weirdest, most Predator-like, other-worldly shoes. 

When Prince B and I shot the outfit photos last week, we were treated to a visit by two fabulous swans. Getting to see them so close was a real treat, such stunningly graceful creatures. To be honest though, for all their grace they actually looked quite mean. I was getting the serious side eye from one of them.


The Details

Disturbia dress: Deandri harness; Iris Van Herpen Couture shoes; Brenda MacLeod bag; Le Specs sunglasses


If you follow me on Instagram you will know this is basically my uniform. It's what I feel most comfortable in currently, especially now I have to continually 'shop my wardrobe' rather than buy new things. That said, I have been on the hunt for a red velvet shirt with the contrasting collar and cuff detail to go with a black pleated skirt I have. Sadly, no such thing exists, so the black and white will have to suffice. And no, I'm still not over red velvet.