French Twist


A Little Ooh La La

I'm not entirely sure why this outfit feels a little bit French to me but it does. Perhaps it's the combination of the navy and the demure silhouette. I suspect classical French women would frown upon the wearing of navy with black however, but you know what they say about rules and all that and if anyone is going to break long held sartorial rules it's probably going to be me. Oopsie.

In terms of an outfit, you know the drill by now - anything with a contrasting collar gets my seal of approval. In this case it's a dress by Sister Jane, an affordable brand I've worn on and off for years. Their creations are all of a similar ilk - a little bit Mod and a Jane Birkin.



Sister Jane dress; ASOS jacket; Vintage hat; Unknown brand of shoes: Angel Jackson bag; Quay sunglasses: DIY ribbon necktie


It was fortuitous that these navy and white chunky soled shoes happen to be the perfect match to the dress. They came close to being given to charity a few times, but I'm now glad I gave them a reprieve.