With fleeting glimpses of sunshine, spring feels like it's just around the corner but, being Scotland, that means jack shit - it'll still be cold and it'll still be rainy, just marginally less. So whilst you might see some Northern bloggers with their toes out, don't believe the hype, it's fecking freezing up here.

I, however, will do no such thing as freeze in this fuffball of an outfit. And fluffball is no exaggeration - on my bottom half is a vintage mohair skirt and on top a super cosy faux fur top. The overheating potential is off the chart.

The skirt began life knee length but since it's itchy as all hell, I decided the less fabric it had the better, so I shortened it. Our friend Dust tutored me on how to take it up properly by hand but since I had basically zero time, I took the coward's way out and hit up the sewing machine. Sorry Dust.



ASOS Top; Thrifted shirt; Thrifted skirt; Bernstock Spiers hat; Marni shoes


I kinda love outfits which have a mix of all the price points: high end, high street and dirt cheap. I'm sure Mrs Marni would approve of her shoes being worn with a £2 skirt from a charity shop...or she might be utterly disgusted and send the Marni Police to confiscate the shoes and issue a lifetime ban. It could go either way.

And sorry it's that damn hat again, but I am as reliant on it as you are bored of seeing it. With some heavy duty work happening just now, which sees me having to be at my desk designing shit by 6.30am and not stopping 'til late, my eye bags are out of control, so that little perspex peak is currently the only thing that stops me looking like an actual zombie.  And, of course, having to fit in blog posts amongst all that too means, well, a somewhat tired looking Queen! Keep your eyes down and just focus on the pretty shoes....