Vision Thing



Photography: Prince B, Styling & Art Direction; Queen Michelle


I really enjoy creating images that aren't really about the outfit per se, but rather the feeling a specific garment evokes in me. This handmade vintage dress, which I snapped up for £17 last month, was on a rail earmarked for potential Halloween costumes and is one such garment. With its Victorian-esque mutton sleeves, it's splendidly gothic.

I decided to style it the way the dress feels, which is somber, severe and almost quite monastic. Paired with a habit-like scarf, my trusty black hat and harness, Prince B and I headed out to the ruins of St. Fitticks Church in

Balnagask in Aberdeen, the site of which dates from the 11th century, to shoot it.

The current ruins are from a church dating from the 1600's which was in use until the 1800's, then it fell out of favour for a new church built nearby. What I don't understand is why the graves are inside the church, as well as outside? The little window in one of the photos is the 'leper window' where lepers from a nearby colony could come to watch the services from the outside without infecting the people inside the church. Such sadness in that little window, both inside and out.



If you take anything away from these photos it should be this - I'd make a badass nun.