Season To Season




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


One of the biggest challenges is getting wear out of your summer purchases long after the sun has stopped shining.

I don't often buy seasonal items so most of my clothes do work for any season, however my favourite top only has one sleeve, making it very much a summer garment. The top in question is this A.W.A.K.E. top, which you've seen a few times, but with its single sleeve it's not easy making it work for winter.  

The answer was to wear a shirt underneath, but because the single sleeve is as involved as it is I couldn't fit anything else underneath it, therefore I had to take a shirt and cut off one of the sleeves.  Now these two items will be eternally matched, with their opposing single sleeves.

This ruffled felt skirt from Zara has been a closet stalwart. It's warm and has just enough ruffle detail to make it interesting.




The Details


AWAKE top; Zara skirt; Vintage shirt; Underground England Bowie boots (not in view); Cheap Monday sunglasses; The Lair bag