The Sugarplum Fairy





Even if you don't know anything about ballet, you will be familiar with the music that accompanies the Sugarplum Fairy in the Nutcracker. On Monday it was the backdrop to our pointe class as we are learning this variation until Christmas. We have only 4 pointe classes left, so that basically amounts to 4 hours, but even if we don't learn the entire thing in that time, it's still wonderful dancing to this glorious piece of music.

My feet after only 15 minutes of the Sugarplum Fairy variation!

My feet after only 15 minutes of the Sugarplum Fairy variation!


Finding The Ones

As you might know I've been having lots of pointe shoe issues. My glorious Freed of London shoes just didn't work. I firmly believe I was fitted in a too wide model but unless I go to London any time soon, these will have to wait to be fitted again. My La Pointe Numero 2 shoes were proving to be pretty good, but I couldn't get through an hour long pointe class without them started to hurt very badly. I could live with them, but there had to better out there.

After a work related meeting in Edinburgh I decided to nip into my usual ballet shop and see if they had anything for me. I told my fitter that I needed to try and find a square boxed shoe rather than a tapered one, that doesn't kill my feet. We tried on lots of brands, especially Bloch. I have worn Bloch Serenes before and they were agony so I was reluctant to try Bloch. After trying a few models that just didn't work, we tried the Bloch Sonatas. They have a square box, but are narrow like my Grishkos. They felt really good in the shop. So I decided to give them a try and they came home with me. As with all pointe shoes, they feel great in the shop but it's only once you do an actual class will you know if they work for you. So I wore them on Monday for class, which including learning the Sugarplum Fairy, and my first impressions is that they could be The Ones!

Of course, next week I'll probably be telling you that they are agony now they've softened up slightly, but fingers crossed that's not the case. For now, I shall be happy just hoping I really have found The Ones.