Photography: Prince B


It's not often here you'll see two outfits in one week. With so few interactions on the blog it's not worth the effort dragging poor Prince B out to shoot photos at silly o'clock in the morning more than once a week, but this isn't really an outfit per se. 

As fashion and style bloggers it's only natural we want to delight our readers with inspiring outfits. Who wouldn't want to do that? It's absolutely joyful to imagine you've created an outfit that makes people look at their own wardrobes in a different way. I can never know if I've actually done that of course, but it's nice to think I might have inspired at least one person to take a style risk. 

As someone who likes to push the fashion envelope as far as possible, there are however days when I wear clothes that represent the absolute antithesis of fashion. Nothing that's 'on point' (god, I detest that expression), nothing that's 'on trend', nothing fashionable or even stylish, just clothes that represent me as a person with no frills (literally). Don't get me wrong, I love my frills, ruffles, layering and all the other things you usually see on here. Dressing for me is a creative process like any other, but there are days when I just want to hit the reset button. Back to my own absolute basics where I don't plan or think about it.

Reset, reload and begin again.






As readers I'm certain you won't find anything to delight in here. No ruffles, no layering, no colour clashing, nothing challenging or bold. Just my jeans, leather waistcoat and favourite t-shirt. 

Outfits like this one is me connecting with the young me, the one that's always within me even as I get further away from her.

That quietly rebellious teenager I was has shaped and formed the person I am now, and sometimes I like to take off the frou and pay homage to her.

And a bit of Lemmy and Joan Jett.