Take A Bow...




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


So guys didn't seem to like last week's outfit. I was only kidding about how you are of sick seeing the same things but it seems you really are! Maybe this week's outfit will tickle your fancy a little more successfully since you won't have seen anything before, other than the shoes and bag.

As a Scot I'm finally done chasing the summer that never arrived. I've given myself a pep talk along the lines of it "it never happened, get over it", and I can't think of a better way to get over not having a summer than to welcome in autumn with a sweatshirt featuring lots of huge bows.



The Details


Anna K sweatshirt; Zara skirt; & Other Stories hat and bag; Joshua Sanders sneakers.


This Anna K sweatshirt isn't just delightfully over-the-top, it's also super warm as it's fleecy on the inside.

With my final acceptance that Scottish weather is doomed, it also means I do get to legitimately wear hats again. Prince B bought me this 60's Balenciaga-esque riding style hat recently and it compliments my bow and ruffle embellished outfit perfectly.