Nutcracker Season




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


.Well it doesn't look like you guys are feeling leather weather the way I am, but what about velvet? With Nutcracker season upon us what better way to welcome it here than to invest in a velvet drummer jacket? 

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Zara has been on fire lately. They are filtering down key trends incredibly well, and the labels that are clearly peppering their inspiration boards are a little more off-centre than usual. Obviously the fact they are fully on board with velvet is also making me very happy. Hello Nutcracker season!






The Details


Zara jacket; H&M top; MiH velvet jeans; Topshop Unique skirt; Topshop shoes; Angel Jackson bag; Self Portrait sunglasses



This Topshop Unique skirt actually began life as a dress. I bought it from the first or second Unique collection and it basically sat in my wardrobe waiting for a special occasion to come out. Made of layers of 100% silk, the frayed, uneven edges really give it life. Unfortunately it sat so long that when I did want to wear it, it no longer fitted me. So off it went to Dust to be turned into a skirt. 

Another recent amendment is these MiH flares, which have made an appearance many times on the blog. They used to be full length but the bottoms started getting all messed up, so I cropped them. These are the 2nd pair of MiH flares to get the chop. Paired with my Topshop velvet shoes with my Miu Miu inspired ribbons in place, my velvet story is complete. Well, until I buy more velvet of course.