The New Puritan



Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Dust recently made me this tiered black velvet corduroy dress out of leftover Danseuse fabric. To her it was a dress as comfy as a t-shirt and a good way to clear out her fabric box. To me, it was almost puritanical but with witch-like tendencies. I was immediately reminded of Abigail Williams in the Crucible, or the portraits of 16th century queens who, on the outside, appear as soft-faced noblewomen but in reality were often cold and cruel. 

Dust's clothes themselves are beautiful in their own right, but to me they serve as inspirational canvases upon which to weave a stylistic narrative. I look at her clothes in a way she doesn't and that's what's so magical about it.



The Details


Dusturbance dress; Le Tour De Force headpiece; Collar, eBay; Zara shoes; Fannie Schiavoni chainmail

Whilst I'm sure most people don't have chainmail in their closets, (that's why you come here, right?) dresses like this do lend themselves perfectly to additional adornments, such as leather harnesses. Fannie Schiavoni chainmail is extra special though because even though it's mostly used to style fashion editorials, it is actually perfectly wearable too. This was my outfit for the entire day (minus the headpiece as it started to give me a thumping headache). It's much less cumbersome than a leather harness too. 

Chainmail also means you can have fun creating your own medieval portrait. 

I'm sure you will all agree though, I need a ruff more than ever...