As Above, So Below




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Much like the Zara herringbone trousers, I should also apologise for the amount of times you see these MiH purple flares, because it's a lot. The truth is, those are the only two pairs of trousers I own that I actually feel good in at the moment. The other upside of both pairs is that they are lovely and cozy to wear, and since the UK is being battered by Storm Gertrude currently, anything you can wear that's nice and warm must be fully embraced. Luckily on Sunday the storm calmed enough to allow Prince B and I to get outside to run errands and shoot what I was wearing.

In terms of an outfit it's kinda random, with regards to the colours, but the reason I opted for the dress, even though it's grey, was because I love the flared silhouette which nicely mirrors my flared jeans.


The Details

MiH Velvet flares; Topshop Unique dress; Vintage shirt; Bernstock Spiers hat; Zatchels bag; Helen Moore collar; Topshop velvet shoes



Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that you could never part with, regardless of what stylistic phase you are going through? For me, it's my Bernstock Speirs hats and Helen Moore collars. I have this collar in orange too and the hat in black wool, and they are all things I can't live without. If I need a pop of colour or texture, the collars come out, or if I'm having a crap hair day or it's windy, on goes the hat! Both functional and beautiful, in my opinion anyway.