The Awkward Trio




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Those are two words that generally don't have any positive associations at all but, for me, when they pertain to clothing they become far more desirable.

I have been frugal with my pennies lately and for that reason I find myself digging out long forgotten items to try and renew them by pairing them with current favourites. I rediscovered this odd, old billowy Zara shirt and a gorgeous bustle that ArtLab created for me some years ago. I used to wear this bustle all the time but as I got bigger it got further into the back of the wardrobe. However, a small adjustment to the waistband has rendered it useful once more. Usually, as I'm sure is the case with most folk, I wouldn't be looking to wear something that makes my butt look bigger, but I feel bustles are exempt.


The Details


Zara blouse and trousers; ArtLab bustle; Topshop striped t-shirt: Miista shoes


I know, you've seen these trousers precisely one millions times, but I continually find new ways to style their oversized cut. I love the combination of nude, white and herringbone generally, so when it turns out I have all these elements in my own closet, it'd be rude not to pair them.

(sorry for another outfit post featuring my rather riveting back garden brick wall, but I have come to realise that the only way I can guarantee an outfit post each week is to run into the garden whenever we get 10 minutes of dry weather and quickly take some shots. Longer spells of dry weather means Prince B and I can walk to a nice location, but those dry spells are becoming increasing few. So it's the brick wall until spring I'm afraid).