Styling; Queen Michelle


Well thank you Glasgow for giving me a single dry day to allow me to quickly run out to the back garden and shoot an outfit. What a carry on! The weather here has been horrendous, to say the least. Rain, wind and sleet doesn't exactly inspire you to wear anything other than jeans and wellie boots. But today is sunny at least, so I got the chance to get out of my rainwear and into something more fun.

It's been ages since I've worn these H&M jeans. I kinda felt they didn't really go with any of my shoes very well, but since I dug out these Underground England custom creepers last week, it turns out they match the jeans perfectly.


The Details


H&M jeans; ASOS White leather top; Jovanna dress; Topshop denim shirt; Underground England creepers; Happy Feet socks


I always wear this silver ASOS White leather top back to front as it's far more useful as a layering piece when the zip is at the front. There really is nothing like a leather layer to keep you warm in frosty days.