Autumn Ready


Summer, we're over

Screw you non-existent summer, autumn is my boyfriend.

What better way to welcome the autumn than to get back into boots. OK so it was actually pretty warm when I busted out this outfit but it was ideal for a day of running errands in the autumn sunshine.

This old denim shirt usually provides the backdrop for my Fannie Schiavoni chainmail harness but it's just as happy in such a simple setting.



Topshop shirt; Vintage skirt; KOS x Marketa bag; Isabel Marant Boots; Quay sunglasses


Another blast from the past is this clutch bag, which was a collaboration between myself and Marketa Bags. We were far too ahead of our time though, as leopard never got big until two seasons later. Oh well, at least I've had tons of wear out of it!