Bigger Is Always Better


I’m not sure if there are many readers on here who’ve been reading the blog for the nearly 10 years it’s been in existence (yes, 10 years) but if there is, then you will know that I am a fan of anything that’s exaggerated - my fashion moto is “bigger is always better”, especially when it comes to proportions. The same moto also applies to cakes and baked goods, as it happens.

Usually, when I do indulge in something oversized, I like to offset it with something narrow to balance out the silhouette, lest I end up looking like I have a comically small head. However, when I spotted these huuuuuge trousers in Zara, my brain betrayed my rule and I immediately wanted to unite them with something else oversized, namely this quilted ASOS White jacket. The jacket reminds of the one in the Sonia Rykiel pre-fall 2015 collection I raved about a while back. I also love the fact it's the colour of ballet shoes.

But back to the trousers. 

I’m 5ft 8” and these were trailing along the ground so much so that I was actually walking inside the trousers! Who the hell are they made for?! That might look cool but it’s frightfully impractical. At this age, I simply cannot risk falling and breaking a hip for the sake of cool! For that reason I had them shortened by 2".


The Details

ASOS White jacket; Zara Trousers; Topshop T-shirt; Bernstock Spiers Hat;  Marketa x KOS Bag; Miista shoes


I'd been searching for ages for wide wool trousers, and whilst these aren't as thick as I'd like, they certainly more than do the job for the moment. I'll definitely be adding more trousers in this shape to my wardrobe.