Summertime Blues

As you you will have noticed, summer has been non-existent here. I’m back in my furry coats and even a woolly here and there. The only place in the UK that has seen any kind of summer is London and, occasionally, Norwich. As always, in Scotland it’s even colder and wetter than elsewhere. 

Back before summer I was so excited about all the summery things I was going to do. I bought a white blouse, I bought sandals. I was even going to bare my legs. I was ready for it. Well, the white blouse saw a single outing, under a fur coat I might add, my sandals saw the light of day twice and my legs remain undercover, grey from lack of any kind of Vitamin D.

The sandals are back in there box until a freak sunny, warm day might arrive and I am determined to see how I can bring my white blouse in line with the autumn-like weather. That definitely calls for a 60’s-esque mini.

Shot indoors, I could bare my legs in the spirit of the summer that never arrived.

All in all, a little nod to the 60's trend, and the lace-up detail is in keeping with my current 70's Cali biker gal/YSL Psych Rock inspiration.