Polka Dots And Sodden Skies

No matter what plans you make, if you live in Scotland there is a 99.99% certainty that you will find them thwarted by the weather.

This past weekend ( brace yourself) I had planned to do an outfit post.

The plan was to go dotty  using a vintage dress and my new Lolita Lempicka Sunglasses and channel Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the 86-year-old “Polka Dot Princess” who believes that“Polka Dots are a Way to Infinity”

Of course when I took a test shot with my camera to see how the glasses looked, all was still on track but in the 6 or 7 minutes it took me to set up the big camera the heavens opended and I was thoroughly thwarted by a biblical deluge.

But I refused to give up, so on Sunday I headed over to Grande Empress Gillian's to try and take some shots. Behold the grey grim misery although her flowers do look rather wonderful.

I also seem to have quite an extreme case of "Resting Bitch Face" happening here...

This is the reality of me trying to do an outfit post in Scotland...

Vintage Gingham Dress / Good Wood Necklace / Teva Flatforms / All Saints Cardigan / Lolita Lempicka Sunglasses

But happily, neither rain, snow or even sleet cannot and will not stop Queen Michelle and I from buying new sunglasses, so lets focus on them shall we...

Queen Marie