Trail Blazer


My (two) blazers have been getting a ton of wear these last few weeks. Neither really fit me any longer, as I can't actually close them now, but until I replace them with properly fitting ones then they remain in active duty.

This Kooples is my favourite by far. It's definitely more rock 'n' roll than office worker. I got this is 2010 when I was 2 sizes smaller but the shape still works - that's how well tailored it is.


We should also talk about my hair

I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail for a long while now to try and detract from the growing-out fringe situation. Of course, it means my big ole face is out there for the world to see, but it's either that or cut the damn fringe off. It's not long enough to be able to go sans aliceband yet, so these studded headbands I made about 5 years ago are both getting airtime again.


Another important component in this scenario is the scrunchy. Yeah, that's right, I went there.

Expect to see the ponytail, and scrunchy, again in future outfits until such time as my fringe isn't a disgrace to hairmanity.