The Red Shoes


Red, black and white all over

As you may recall me mentioning, I am developing a slight red obsession. It started with a few images on Pinterest then escalated from there. I am choosing wisely the red items I allow into the wardrobe however, as not any red will do, but I am off to a great start with a pair of Miista Ryan ankle boots.

These boots, with their embossed leather and ornate resin heel, most certainly make a bold statement even without the red. They are simply beautiful and part of one the best Miista collections so far, in my opinion.

To allow the shoes to take centre stage, I have keep my outfit really simple.


I've also been wearing blazers a lot again lately. The ones I have are all old and technically don't fit me any more so it's probably time to invest in some new ones.



Miista boots;  Dusturbance trousers; Topshop Boutique blazer; All Saints t-shirt; Vintage scarf; Rayban sunglasses


I kept to a simple red, black and white palette for this outfit as the shoes demanded it. And who am I to argue with these beauties?