From Studio To Street


I fully believe in maximising my wardrobe. "What the hell does that mean?", I hear you ask. Well, it means that if something can be worn more than one way then that's exactly what I'll do.

Take, for example, our delightful Danseuse pieces. Many of these beauties can be worn outside of the ballet studio. Nearly all are ideal as beach coverups, but daywear also beckons. 

My current fave skirts, the mid-length Tropical and the Ditzy floral, are far too nice to stay inside a ballet studio. They are sheer but not too sheer that they can't be worn outside with black tights.

The Ditzy floral is amazing teamed with my Anthrax tee and my trusty 5Preview denim jacket. I'm wearing ballet clothes as daywear, yeah WHATEVER!


The Tropical with it's bold floral pattern is perfect for mixing prints, in this case my vintage shirt and striped tee.


So Danseuse will take you from the ballet studio to the street!