Basic With A Twist


winter warmer

Now that I work from home which, as it turns out is bloody brilliant, it does mean I use up more heating and electricity than normal. Not bloody brilliant. In an attempt to conserve energy I have been wearing lots of warm things. Mostly, it's awful fleece related items, but occasionally it's not.

Now, if you know me in real life, you'll know I hate buying jumpers. They are just so....basic. For this reason I refuse to spend very much money on them. However, I found a reasonably nice one from H&M to wear with my wide Zara trousers. It's thin enough to make like a hobo and tuck into my trousers and thick enough to provide a warm layer.



H+M jumper; Zara trousers; Forever 21 shirt; ASOS choker; Kochiba watch; Vagabond shoes; Angel Jackson bag


You know I'm rather fond of creative layering and I love that this outfit looks like I've gotten creative with the layering but really I'm just wearing a jumper, a shirt and trousers, yet it gives the appearance of being more involved.