My Fashion Moodboard


When you can't really spend any money on fashuuun and with the blog engagement being what it is, finding motivation for outfit posts can be be thin on the ground to say the least. Since I'm at home most days at the moment I usually don't bother to wear anything but jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. Getting properly dressed to go outside can feel like a chore. But the show must go on, as the expression goes, and no-one wants to see an outfit post featuring my jogging trousers and holey t-shirt!

So even when I feel like this, I still like to keep my Pinterest boards up to date with looks, fabrics, photos, colours and anything else that might ignite a spark of inspiration.

These are the current looks which for many reasons I'm really into just now.


Gilda's Sportmax Dress

This whole look is just amazing and is really what I'm feeling stylistically at the moment. If this dress was made of frayed black denim is would be even better. It's so good that I have been toying with the idea of attempting a DIY version. The off-the-shoulder detail is what really makes it. And, of course, those boots.


Velvet Layers

Well what's not love here. Quilted velvet. Need I say more?



I love the mismatching shades of red here and would love to explore a similar look with my velvet flares.


Textural Black

The high-waisted trousers and velvet camisole layered over the sweater makes for the perfect winter outfit. The leather gloves are the cherry on top.


Denim and fluff

This is wonderfully cute! The pop of bright pink against the classic blue denim really work and the fabric necklace is a great touch.


So those are the looks that are currently keeping me from living entirely in jogging bottoms. As the great man once said:

Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.
— Karl Lagerfeld

Never a truer word spoken...