Red Hot Chili Pepper



You know you have a best friend when she brings to life your red velvet desires. Queen Marie has been hunting as much as me for things to satisfy my red velvet urges and came across this playsuit from Urban Outfitters. I loved it instantly and knew it'd fill the velvet gap until the perfect dress shows itself to me. It's a beautiful shade of blood red.

I decided to pair it with my sheer red blouse Queen Marie bought me and my orange Angel Jackson bag. Fiery!



Silence + Noise  Playsuit; Mads Norgaard Blouse; Angel Jackson Bag; Topshop Thigh High Boots; Tina Lilienthal Necklace


The sting in the tail of the outfit is the fact the knotted detail across the bust is supposed to be at the back - yup, I'm wearing it back to front. And thigh high leather boots because it is panto season afterall.

The outfit would have looked lovely shot against the backdrop of red autumn leaves but, alas, it's been raining here for two weeks straight, combined with delightful 40mph. Not exactly conducive to outside outfit shots.