There Is No You


Reign in Purple

Those damn trousers again?! What can I say people, I wear them that often. In spite of having quite a lot of clothing I do get wear out of most of it. I'm not one for buying something then it sits in the closet for months before it sees the light of day. No, I like to enjoy it right away and often.

When you first saw them in their purple glory you didn't really think I wouldn't do a monochrome outfit with them at some point, did you? It was always going to happen. This vintage blouse I picked up for £6 provided the perfect impetus.



MiH jeans; Vintage blouse; Western Supplies hat; Topshop boots: Zatchels bag; Vintage Scarf; Lovestrength belt


We shot these at the weekend whilst visiting the Duchess. Since it was snowing and blowing a gale outside we shot them in the Duchess' bedroom, which is delightfully old fashioned. I feel like a little girl every time I go and sit at her dressing table with her Victorian brush and mirror set. It's pretty magical.