Cold Shoulder


Dye dress, dye

When it comes to getting use out of a wardrobe that is unlikely to be updated any time soon, then for me that always means taking to the scissors or the dye to breathe life into old or unworn things.

In this instance, it's a distressed denim dress. It began life normal blue but every time I put it on all I could think about Britney Spears in her whitetrash denim era. So I decided I'd get far more wear from it if it was black. So I armed myself with some Dylon Black Velvet dye and set about making it black. However, after 2 attempts it still didn't end up properly black, in spite of being 100% cotton.

The Dylon dye just isn't actually jet black, no matter how many times you bloody use it.  Velvet Black my arse!



MiH jeans; Noisy May dress; Miista shoes; Tina Lilienthal necklace; Triwa sunglasses; & Other Stories bag


It's slightly disappointing as I really wanted it jet black, but either way I already wear it more than I ever did, so in that respect it's a success. I would love to remake in proper heavy black denim as I love the cut and the frayed details, but sadly I'm not that handy with a sewing machine. On the upside, it goes perfectly with my MiH jeans, and I wanted it to match with some black jeans, so this is a just a slightly lighter version of what I had in mind.