Witch, Please


Hubble bubble toil and trouble

Yup, it's the purple flares again. I did you warn you you'd be seeing much of the same items of clothing on here. But to be fair, these jeans are just so incredibly versatile, every time I wear them I find new things they match perfectly with. I was digging around the wardrobe recently, to try and breathe life into old clothing, when I remembered this lace dress I snapped up in a charity shop years ago.  The hem used to be straight until it met my scissors and now it has a distinctively witchy feel to it. And teenage goth me would hugely approve of the purple velvet and black lace combination.



Jeans - MiH; Lace dress - charity shop; Bag - The Lair; Sunglasses - Quay; Boots - Topshop



I'm so pleased I do have special pieces like this in my wardrobe though because when life is throwing me a shit load of lemons on a daily basis. as it is currently, making fashion lemonade becomes a little bit easier with purple velvet in my arsenal.