The Purple People Eater



Well it's all change in my life again! I am back freelancing and I have no income until I get some clients again, and what that means for you guys is that you're going to see much of the same clothes in outfit posts, only styled a little differently until I start earning money again as a freelancer. 

All this also means my red velvet dress obsession will not be realised, unless it presents itself in a charity shop or for much cheapness on ASOS. I now have to make myself forget that glorious Acne dress Queen Marie showed us last week too. Sob.

In the meantime I have to try and appease my velvet desires in other ways, in this case, it's taken the form of these purple MiH velvet flares, which I got a few weeks ago. Not too shabby, huh? The purple velvet is absolutely lush and they are the comfiest jeans ever.

We took these shots at the breathtaking Kelvingrove art gallery and museum. It's one of my favourite buildings in the whole of Glasgow and if you ever visit Glasgow, I suggest you come to see it.



MiH Velvet jeans; ASOS coat; Oh My Love dress; Zara boots; Balenciaga bag; Triwa sunglasses


Velvet flares are a real tricky thing to style up without looking like you’ve stumbled out of the business end of an LSD trip in 1975, and perhaps layering them under a silver dress wasn’t the right way to go to try and avoid that, but as a someone born in the 70’s I decided to not fight it - it's my birthright to look like a trippy hippy! Plus, purple and silver is only one of the best combos ever. It’s never bad a thing to dress like a christmas present. Am I right? 

Without fail, come this time of year I begin to yearn deep jewel colours and sparkles. I have been trying on more sequinned items lately than you can shake a glittery stick at, but nothing so far has been quite right. The sparkles will come my way when I get a new awesome job (which WILL happen). In the meantime, I'm happy looking like Bacofoil.